Data Lifecycle Management (DLM)

BayState InfoTech offers a broad range of best in class consulting services for the design of Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) solutions. BayState InfoTech work closely with leading vendors like Embarcadero to offer Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) services;

Our DLM solutions and services include:

Data Architecture

Establishing data architecture at the enterprise level enables organizations to make data assets more visible, manage them over the long term, and repurpose them for new applications. Data Architecture solutions / service offering include

  • Existing data source assessment
  • Metadata management and integration
  • Design, create, and update data sources
  • Enterprise-wide communication and knowledge transfer

Discover, document and reuse data assets across the enterprise to support the collaborative design and implementation of high quality databases.

Speed and simplify the design and implementation of scalable, flexible integration projects that consolidate disparate sources into valuable business data.

Leverage Embarcadero's UML solution to design, document, and maintain enterprise applications written in Java, Visual Basic, C#, and C++ for better code quality and shorter time to market.

Database Migration Solution Include, Clear analysis with modeling and Simplified data movement using ETL

Data Security

Database access auditing solution for data privacy provides you the assurance that your regulatory compliance efforts are working and that your data and mission critical applications are secure and being used correctly. Data Security solutions / services offering include

  • Data usage and activity auditing
  • Proactive performance management and monitoring

Understand who is using and changing your data to reduce risk, ensure privacy, and address privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.

Audit and monitor database usage by listening to all network traffic for data privacy, regulatory compliance, and usage management.

Model Driven Data Solutions

  • Visual data modeling solution for the design and maintenance of operational, decision support, and web databases
  • Allows users to transform, migrate and Integrate large quantities of data from disparate sources

Cross Platform Database Management

  • Streamlines the process of writing database code
  • Enables database professionals to maintain critical databases and ensure their availability across the enterprise

Data Performance and availability

  • Performance testing and management solution
  • Visual database monitor that enables database administrators to easily manage the overall health of multiple database systems on a 24X7 basis.

Data Exchange Services

Using the extensible Java platform of DTStudio along with the data modeling capabilities ERStudio we will undertake the challenging task of data exchange across heterogeneous systems. The data exchange services include:

  • Interaction with the users to understand the data exchange needs
  • Creation of data definitions for the target system
  • Mappping/transformation of the source system's data definitions to the target data definitions
  • Preparation of the source data to be mapped/transformed to the target definition
  • Extraction of the data from the source and loading it to the target system

Supply Chain Data Integration

While suppliers form an integral part of the ERP system, it is not always possible to integrate the supply chain with the ERP due to security and implementation challenges. The daunting task of integrating the suppliers' data can be largely simplified by using DT/Studio to map/transform the suppliers' data definitions to the ERP's requirements thereby reducing the manual effort. The supply chain data integration services include:

  • Interaction with the suppliers to explain the ERP's system's requirements
  • Understanding the supplier's data definitions
  • Creation of data definitions for the data transfer to the ERP system
  • Mapping/transformation of the source system's data definitions to the ERP's data definitions
  • Preparation of the source data to be mapped/transformed to the ERP definition
  • Extraction of the data from the source and loading it to the ERP system

Data Migration Services

With the myriad of database systems in the market, a company involved in a merger or acquisition is required to go through the rough phase of data migration. With our proven methodologies and implementation objectives we can use tools like DT/Studio along with the respective database system tools to help in data migration across heterogeneous systems.

Outsource EDI initiatives

Technology advances force small businesses to revamp existing systems and implement latest EDI initiatives. We would like to offer our expertise in this transition end-to-end Ie from a detailed requirements study to data modeling and design and finally the conversion implmentation.

Business intelligence services

With the increasing competition in today's economy, businesses need to constantly stay at the helm of affairs and analyze where they stand against the competition and to device ways and means to outdo the competition. This needs business intelligence and we would like to use our expertise with cost-effective solutions like Cognos, DT/Studio and ER/Studio to make this possible.

Business Intelligence

An experienced approach to transforming data into actionable knowledge

BSI helps leverage information assets and large quantities of data into new revenue sources to improve customer relationships, identify product and sales trends, and optimize supply and sales channels. We use industry recognized methodologies customized for a particular environment to guide delivery of business intelligence solutions. We focus our capabilities on:

  • Integrating your applications to remove costs, increase efficiencies and provide real business value (e.g. Data Mart Consolidation)
  • Analyzing invaluable customer data locked in disparate sources (e.g. Customer Analytics)
  • Building a Center of Excellence comprised of critical resources, skill sets, and processes that help maximize ROI for business intelligence investments


BSI's proven methodologies, vertical experience, and vast client list differentiate us from our competitors in the business intelligence industry. Our comprehensive approach to decision support solutions emphasizes a top-down, business-driven approach to ensure the delivery of true value. Our strong partnerships with Data Lifecycle Management Vendors likeEmbarcadero Technologies and others allow BSI to offer the strongest and best of breed business intelligence solutions to our clients.

Enterprise Modeling Services have the expertise to create data models necessary for your ever-changing business requirements.

BSI's powerful and flexible enterprise modeling services and database administration services are fully integrated to address the complete systems information management in an enterprise.

The Enterprise Modeling Services and Solutions

Enterprise Modeling is the process to develop a technology independent Information Blueprint for the Enterprise. It is analogous to the architectural plan required for building or remodeling a house, without which, serious incompatibility may result in the construction process and may incur significant financial loss in the long run. The Enterprise Modeling process includes the development of the following deliverables.

  • Business Objectives and Vision with key performance metrics
  • An Enterprise Data Model
  • An Enterprise Function Model
  • An Enterprise Process Model
  • A Baseline Architecture describing the current environment
  • A Target Architecture describing the future environment
  • A Phased Migration Plan (from Baseline to Target)
  • A Prototype of a selected business areas (Optional)

All enterprise services and modeling activities are conducted by enterprise modeling experts via Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with client participation. It is essential that the client commit to having cross-functional and cross-departmental employees participate in the JAD sessions.

BSI is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions providing better insight, at both management and operational levels, customers behavior and wants.

Our customized reports takes the large volume of data that the client provides and turns it into meaningful information that people can easily use. These business intelligence solutions help the companies to make enhanced and timely business decisions in their everyday activities.

Our proficiency in building data warehousing solutions will allow measuring the data warehousing investment in terms of operational efficiency and improved monetary returns.

Business Intelligence solutions aim to address complex business issues by providing knowledge workers with easy access to the right information, at any time, from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge workers are empowered to spend more time analyzing information and less time gathering data. When Business Intelligence solutions are implemented at the enterprise level, organizations are able to efficiently and cost effectively transform data from various disparate sources into useable information. The Business Intelligence solution then drives the mission critical decisions for your organization.

In order to achieve this level of information integration and availability, it is imperative to start with an "architectural blueprint" which serves as a roadmap for building the Business Intelligence framework. BSI will assist you in creating this framework via our Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service.

Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service

BSI's Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service provides the critical planning phase required to identify enterprise business intelligence information needs for today and into the future. The Strategic Planning Service includes the development of the following deliverables:

  • Business Objectives with key performance metrics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Models
  • Data Acquisition Strategy
  • Baseline Architecture assessment
  • Data Access and Delivery strategy
  • Data Warehouse Administration strategy
  • Technology evaluation (Build vs. Buy)
  • A Target Architecture plan describing the future environment
  • A Phased Migration Plan (from Baseline to Target)
  • A Prototype of a selected subject area (Optional)

All modeling activities are conducted by enterprise data warehouse modeling experts via Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with client participation