IT Services

IT Services

IT Services

BayState InfoTech (BSI) provides on-site, off-site and off-shore software development services using a global delivery model. BSI has extensive expertise in developing applications on client/ server, groupware, e-business and mainframe technologies. BSI has participated with companies worldwide in developing applications right from improving their online presence to automating business processes and enabling collaboration across the extended enterprise.

BSI can provide services to software product based companies for re-engineering and migrating of an existing application from one platform to another or adding new functionality to it. We can also take up conversion of legacy data by defining a data migration plan to actual data migration and testing. BSI can define interfaces both technical and architectural interfaces with different systems and technologies.

BSI also provides services on re-engineering of the applications by retaining the original features and functionality and/or adding new functionality to it and redeveloping it with architectural changes on a new technology. For instance, BSI can re-engineer the applications from a Mainframe environment to Client/server environment or web enable, the whole application.

Application Outsourcing

Reduce costs, improve quality, and decrease time to market

Companies need to reduce costs to stay competitive, and the market is finally accepting the value that nearshore and offshore application outsourcing provides in cost reduction, improved quality, and decreased time-to-market. Headstrong helps CIOs leverage application outsourcing to:

  • Augment internal skills
  • Make IT budgets more predictable
  • Enable internal staff to focus on business-critical applications
  • Reduce total cost of technology ownership

Our solutions span our key industry verticals and include the following:

  • Application development
  • Application management
  • Application transformation
  • Enterprise package implementation and migration
  • Software product engineering
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Technology optimization
  • Business process outsourcing


BSI's proven methodologies, vertical experience, and vast client list differentiate us from our competitors in the business intelligence industry. Our comprehensive approach to decision support solutions emphasizes a top-down, business-driven approach to ensure the delivery of true value. Our strong partnerships with Data Lifecycle Management Vendors like Embarcadero Technologies and others allow BSI to offer the strongest and best of breed business intelligence solutions to our clients.

Enterprise Modeling Services have the expertise to create data models necessary for your ever-changing business requirements.

BSI's powerful and flexible enterprise modeling services and database administration services are fully integrated to address the complete systems information management in an enterprise.

The Enterprise Modeling Services and Solutions

Enterprise Modeling is the process to develop a technology independent Information Blueprint for the Enterprise. It is analogous to the architectural plan required for building or remodeling a house, without which, serious incompatibility may result in the construction process and may incur significant financial loss in the long run. The Enterprise Modeling process includes the development of the following deliverables.

  • Business Objectives and Vision with key performance metrics
  • An Enterprise Data Model
  • An Enterprise Function Model
  • An Enterprise Process Model
  • A Baseline Architecture describing the current environment
  • A Target Architecture describing the future environment
  • A Phased Migration Plan (from Baseline to Target)
  • A Prototype of a selected business areas (Optional)

All enterprise services and modeling activities are conducted by enterprise modeling experts via Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with client participation. It is essential that the client commit to having cross-functional and cross-departmental employees participate in the JAD sessions.

BSI Consulting is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions providing better insight, at both management and operational levels, customers behavior and wants.

Our customized reports takes the large volume of data that the client provides and turns it into meaningful information that people can easily use. These business intelligence solutions help the companies to make enhanced and timely business decisions in their everyday activities.

Our proficiency in building data warehousing solutions will allow measuring the data warehousing investment in terms of operational efficiency and improved monetary returns.

Business Intelligence solutions aim to address complex business issues by providing knowledge workers with easy access to the right information, at any time, from any place within the organization. Utilizing Business Intelligence technologies, knowledge workers are empowered to spend more time analyzing information and less time gathering data. When Business Intelligence solutions are implemented at the enterprise level, organizations are able to efficiently and cost effectively transform data from various disparate sources into useable information. The Business Intelligence solution then drives the mission critical decisions for your organization.

In order to achieve this level of information integration and availability, it is imperative to start with an "architectural blueprint" which serves as a roadmap for building the Business Intelligence framework. BSI Consulting will assist you in creating this framework via our Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service.

Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service

BSI's Business Intelligence Strategic Planning Service provides the critical planning phase required to identify enterprise business intelligence information needs for today and into the future. The Strategic Planning Service includes the development of the following deliverables:

  • Business Objectives with key performance metrics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Models
  • Data Acquisition Strategy
  • Baseline Architecture assessment
  • Data Access and Delivery strategy
  • Data Warehouse Administration strategy
  • Technology evaluation (Build vs. Buy)
  • A Target Architecture plan describing the future environment
  • A Phased Migration Plan (from Baseline to Target)
  • A Prototype of a selected subject area (Optional)

All modeling activities are conducted by enterprise data warehouse modeling experts via Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions with client participation.

3D web & publising

BSI offers proven solution for creating dynamic 3D powered catalogs that meet the business goals of leading part and component manufacturers. Establish a more compelling presence on web with an interactive online catalog that gives your customers access dynamic product information, 3D CAD models and 2D drawings

  • Creating 3-D Web with all the engineering data for Organization Wide Visualization of the data.
  • Creating maintenance manuals in 3D.
  • Creating process simulations like Assembly / Disassembly simulations.
  • Creating 3D intranet/internet/extranet with live CAE data.
  • Creating 3D product catalogs for the web.
  • Custom 3D product animation for sales and product manuals.
  • Custom 3D product design on the Web

Knowledge Based Engineering

BSI professionals define, validate, and capture engineering rules, requirements, and methodologies for product development through Knowledge Engineering. BSI's knowledge-based systems perform design tasks to achieve the best-in-class practices. These systems track and monitor process changes transparently and provide information for management review and decision-making.

Design Automation / Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) prjects

  • Designing and delivering highly customizable product to market faster.
  • Engineer-2-Order are implemented to improveproductivity in sales, engineering, manufacturing, production and customer service departments
  • Review and communicate with client regarding CAD input / deliverables
  • Create a Multiple Variations of Parts & Assemblies; Automate the repetitive tasks
  • Generate the designand manufacturing output for the variant products; 3D & 2D, Cutting List, Sales quotations and so on
  • Integrate with other business systems like PLM, MRP, ERP and CRM


BayState InfoTech (BSI) facilities have state-of-the-art networking, best of class computing, power supply, communications and telecommunications services. This enables BSI to provide quality and accountability, leveraging the project management capabilities and the domain expertise available by virtue of being a leading outsourcing company, while performing services at competitive prices than those available locally in the US.

BayState InfoTech BPO services are focused on the following areas:


  • Payment Processing
  • Loan Administration
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Analysis
  • Payroll Processing

Technology Services

  • IT Help Desk
  • Remote Management & Distribution
  • System Performance Analysis & Reporting


  • Customer Interactive Services such as Collections, Order Management, and Customer Surveys through phone, e-mail, and fax.

Staffing Solutions

BSI provides highly skilled and experienced software engineers on time and material basis to work on client's premises anywhere in the world. Our technical expertise, combined with our extensive network of resources helps us to provide the qualified individuals who meet your requirements. We can deploy resources at a client's site, off-site, as well as offshore to fit your particular needs.

BSI offers a full range of staffing, project support, and technical services from within our many areas of expertise. We can provide consultants that augment your existing staff throughout the duration of the project and/or transition to permanent employees. Our consultants work as part of your team and ensure that all your company's needs are met.

BSI hires the best talent in the industry and its bill rates are highly competitive. BSI provides the right staffing solutions based on the clients' requirement. BSI is highly successful supporting small to high-volume and high profile projects. BSI has quality resources with excellent skills in various CAD, PLM, Microsoft and Java Technologies.

Our skills includes


I-DEAS, UG, SolidEdge, CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro Engineer, CADDS5, Inventor, MDT, AutoCAD, MicroStation, ME10 and similar applications


Agile, eMatrix, ENOVIA, ORACLE PDX, Teamcenter Enterprise, Teamcenter Engineering, SAP PLM, Windchill and similar applications


C, C++, VC++, VB, Java, Java 3D, Swing, Weblogic, JSP, EJB, XML, Perl, HTML, Tcl/Tk, COM/DCOM, OLE D & M, MFC, CORBA, ActiveX, .NET, OOAD, OODB, UML ORACLE, SQL, Access, Client Server, and similar technologies

Out Sourcing

As the global marketplace continues to evolve, several business models begin to emerge. One of the most powerful and successful is that of the virtual corporation. In this model a strong core competency is reinforced through strategic business alliances to conceive of, plan and manufacture solutions to business needs.

In today's digital and virtual economy, outsourcing has become a powerful tool to sharpen one's own competencies. The following factors are working in favor of outsourcing:

Expertise The continuously evolving world of new technologies and equipment requires ongoing expertise acquisition. For small to medium sized projects it will be very difficult to develop all of the technical resources in house. A dedicated project management company like BSI will be able to keep up with the changing environment

Cost Factor By outsourcing, one can accomplish more work without creating permanent in house overhead by hiring/managing additional staff.

Growth Outsourcing allows you to dedicate and focus your full attention on your company's core business. It also allows you to free up your time and energy while the company is growing

Technology Stress Keeping abreast of the latest technology is a full time job and one that can become quite stressful for an organization that is trying to focus on their core business. The outsourcing alternative can relieve this potential stress for your company

Speed Project management companies like BSI have the right resources and employ a team of experts whose only job is to deliver technology or business function specific solutions. Outsourcing your project with BSI will speed up the process.

The BSI will enter into fee-based projects only as projects are of business value to our clients. To that end, we work with you to define project objectives, statement of work, and deliverables. We then prepare a proposal clearly specifying the associated project fees and payment terms. Our proposals are typically priced on either a fixed or not-to-exceed fee basis. For indeterminate project work, we quote on a time and material basis and submit time-based invoices.