Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MES Solutions

BayState MES Solutions

BSI's MES solution offers web based centralized asset management, production information, production analytics, factor process & equipment management, connects critical shop floor data to ERP, and factory coordination. MES solution collects and connects information from numerous systems and devices such as PLC's, SCADA systems, scales, sensors, counters and quality systems.

Time attendance & reporting

We offer a web based centralized time and attendance tracking system for the entire organization to record and monitor their attendance. Our web based system allows you to, review attendance history, advanced attendance tracking, overtime management, hours worked, categorize the hours, schedule manpower, absences and other information.

Windmill monitoring system

We offer a web based centralized monitoring system by utilizing SCADA for windmills. We provide mobile access in order to communicate with centralized monitoring systems and windmills to get the turbine status, production details, brake details, hydraulic details, HUB motor details, temperature details, grid details, wind speed, power switching details and other important details from Turbine. You also can start and stop the turbine remotely using your mobile phones. We can configure the options such as report time, mobile access numbers, automatic reporting to mobile and other details.

Security control systems

We offer security solutions by utilizing intrusion detection, centralized monitoring station and security patrol. Our intrusion detection makes use of magnetic contacts, glass break sensors, motion sensors, panic switches, smoke detectors and control panel. Control panel senses intrusion through the sensors installed, alerts centralized monitoring system, from there the station operator can take the appropriate action. Centralized monitoring has provided access for owners to ARM or DISARM the security system.

BSI MES solutions offer

  • Industry-standard frameworks
  • Service oriented Architecture
  • Web enabled clients
  • SQL and ORACLE Databases
  • Microsoft .NET, Java Technologies
  • Supports Microsoft and Linux
  • Application Interfacing
    • B2MML/XML/Web services,
    • ISA-95 and ISA-88 for batch, and COM and OPC
  • Off the shelf interfaces to SAP, ORACLE, Invensys, Siemens and others

BSI's MES professional service team is equipped with our project implementation methodology, which is derived from several professional service programs from different industries and also with the assistance from years of experience in implementing data collection and visibility solutions.

MES solution requirements

BSI's MES consultant will meet with customer's stakeholders and subject matter experts to review their business processes, along with their environment & their project objectives, and finally will prepare a System Requirements Document. The System Requirements Document will define the requirements, project scope and deliverables or additional services that would make the project a top notch.

MES solution project definition

BSI's MES consultants, systems engineers / architects, development team and Project Manager work together to develop a solution design document , acceptance test plan and detailed project schedule . BSI MES team conducts the reviews with customer's project team to finalize the solution design and project implementation plan.

MES solution development

BSI's project team configures the software and also develops custom software in accordance with the client's solution design document , and then does a series of formal QA test cases in order to verify that the software is ready for Deployment. BSI team coordinates the delivery and installation of all hardware and third party components.

MES solution delivery

Installs the software at customer's test environment and integrates with the customer's hardware. When the installation and implementation has been verified, BSI's MES consultant will assist the customer in testing the software, and helps in the transition from development to production environment. Ongoing maintenance contract will be provided to customers to help them out in the long run.

Virtual Instrumentation

BayState offers cutting-edge in the measurement & automation technology to provide the most appropriate solution in the shortest possible time for each automation application.

Areas Expertise

  • Data Acquisitio
  • Image Acquisition
  • Embedded DSP Systems
  • Machine Vision
  • Motion Control
  • Process Control

BayState has invested in building expertise in a wide range of national instrument products such as LabVIEW, TestStand, Data Acquisition, Machine Vision, and Motion Control. This has given us a tremendous advantage in designing and building high quality systems, quickly and exactly as specified by our customers.

BayState Virtual Instrumentation software development center is located in Chennai, India. The center effectively operates as a virtual extension of our Alliance Partners in the USA. By leveraging the resources in the offshore development center (ODC), our Alliance Partners in USA can access a large pool of LabVIEW trained engineers in India, which ensures quick and cost-effective development of Virtual Instrumentation custom systems and products.

Offshore development of Virtual Instrumentation software has its own challenges since the software interacts mainly with hardware and distributed factory systems, which cannot be made available at the offshore facility. BayState and Alliance Partners has developed methodologies for effectively leveraging offshore software and engineering resources to develop world-class solutions very quickly and cost-effectively, in order to address the large market for PC based Test & Measurement and Industrial Automation requirements.

Our Expertise Includes

  • LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand, Measurement Studio
  • VB, VC++ and other leading development tools
  • SQL Server, Access, and Oracle Design and code reviews
  • .NET, COM, XML, UML, and ActiveX
  • Proven Software Development Processes
  • Requirements gathering
  • Design and code reviews
  • Source code control
  • Testing and bug tracking
  • Standard architectural structures
  • Standard coding conventions

LabView Programming services

Our objective is to make it simple for you to send your requirements for a LabVIEW program / application, and get quality coding with the documentation, quickly and cost-effectively. We have a experienced team of LabVIEW professionals for developing and delivering LabVIEW software applications. Through our LabVIEW Programming Services, we are making it easy for you to exploit the team's capabilities and experience.

Main Advantages

Quick delivery - at short notice we have the capacity to have two or more developers working on your project

Cost-effective development - we are confident that we are uniquely positioned in terms of location and experience to provide the best value when you want to outsource your LabVIEW programming requirements.

Highly structured and modular code - we are continuously refining and expanding our base of code architectures to address the various kinds of applications to provide bug-free, scaleable and maintainable code quickly.

Detailed code documentation and programmers manual with flow charts - we believe that our documentation covers everything that you would want to know about how to use, maintain, and expand the code.

Types of Projects

  • Complete LabVIEW Applications / Modules
  • LabVIEW Device and Instrument Drivers
  • Database and/or Web Enabling an existing application
  • Code Rewrite and Documentation of existing code for better maintainability
  • Participation in Product Development efforts

Development Process

  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Software Design
  • Design of the Software Test Plan
  • Coding and Documentation
  • Review and modify the Software Test Plan if necessary
  • Testing and Documentation
  • Delivery
  • Support
  • Signoff after Customer Approval
  • Project Review and Updates Through the Life cycle of the project

Our typical engagement approach

  • Customer sends us the requirements via email to
  • We will send Customer Inputs Specification (CIS) with the request for clarifications.
  • Once the clarifications are obtained, we will generate a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document
  • Once the SRS is approved by the customer, we will provide a quote and the delivery timeline for the project
  • Once the customer approves the quote and delivery timeline with a Purchase Order, we will start the work.

Project Review and Customer Updates

  • For each project, one or more developers will be teamed up under a Project Manager. Formal project reviews are conducted weekly with the customer via a regular conference call or a Yahoo! Voice Chat.
  • The Project Manager will primarily interact with the customer during the project. The Lead Developer may also start interaction directly with the customer if significant or daily interactions are required for the project.
  • Daily updates of the work completed with the code for review can be made available through a secure website. This site will also maintain the history of all the work done on a daily basis.

Protection of Intellectual Property / Proprietary Information

The success of our business model rests on our ability to protect the intellectual property of our clients by keeping the proprietary information that we receive from them totally confidential. We will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our clients to clearly specify the process of identifying confidential information and to provide legal protection for our clients. We will sign NON competence / Non circumvent Agreements with our Alliance Partners and Consultants to Protect mutual Business interests.

LabVIEW Development Outsourcing

As a client you may consider outsourcing the whole or part of your project. We are available to take on any task or group of tasks concerning your project; from initial specification to final independent testing, or any part of the lifecycle in between, on a fixed price basis. By outsourcing you are in control of your costs and timescales and you have highly experienced people helping you meet your goals.

Electronic Design Automation ( EDA) Services

BSI offers electronic design services in the areas of computing, communications, consumer electronics and embedded systems from architecture and design to implementation include

  • VLSI Design Services
  • Designing
  • Modeling
  • Verification
  • Placement / Routing
  • Layout and IC
  • Testing
  • Firmware & Drivers

Our ASIC design service offering include

  • Architectural Definition, Micro-architecture Design, Logic / RTL Design
  • Synthesis, Functional Verification, Code Coverage, Formal Verification
  • STA & Timing Closure, Design for Test (DFT)
  • Floor-planning, Placement, CTS, Routing, Physical Verification
  • FPGA Development, Technology Migration / Process Shrink, Library Development
  • Megacell Design, High-Speed I/O Design, SRAM design
  • FPGA Prototyping

Our expertise includes

  • Data Acquisition
  • Image Acquisition
  • Embedded DSP Systems
  • Machine Vision
  • Motion Control
  • Process Control


Simio is a unique multi-paradigm simulation software tool that provides a rapid and flexible modeling capability without requiring programming.

Simulation service offerings to Industries such as

  • Airports, Seaport, Defense
  • Hospitality, Healthcare
  • Construction, Process & Power
  • Transportation, Logistics & Distribution

BayState InfoTech is the fastest growing information technology consulting, services and business process outsourcing organization. BSI provides digital enterprise solutions, to meet the clients' overall objectives in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), Software Development & outsourcing, Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) and Staffing solutions.

Simulation of Transportation

Simulation of Package System

Simulation of Mining

Simulation of Manufacturing

Simulation of Health Centers

Simulation of WareHouse picking

Simulation of Airport Terminal