Process Engineering Solutions (PES)

BayState Process Engineering Solutions (PES)

BayState PES business unit offers solutions to the process industries utilizing state of the art technologies, highly trained and qualified engineers. PES Team specializes in applications of mathematical, computing and operations research techniques to solution of complex technical, business and management problems of industries.

PES Leadership team has over four decades of rich experience working in refining and petrochemical industries in USA, several countries of Europe and Asia. PES team is well experienced in design & engineering, start ups, operation, technical service, control and optimization of petrochemical, refining and chemical manufacturing plants.

PES offer services to

  • Exploration and Production of Oil & Gas
  • Oil Refining
  • Petrochemicals Manufacture
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Operations

PES products and services

  • Design & Engineering
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Technical Service
  • Process Control
  • Linear Programming Modeling System, related studies and optimization
  • Crude Evaluations
  • Improvement and Optimization of manufacturing operations
  • Software systems
  • Deputation of Experts
  • Assistance in actual operation and maintenance
  • Training

PES Expertise;

  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of chemical engineering processes both steady state and dynamic beneficial to chemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries
  • Design & Engineering Front End and detailed engineering design
  • Linear Programming modeling for refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Deputation of Experts for onshore/offshore oil/gas fields, refineries, petrochemical units, pipelines & network of petroleum marketing facilities
  • Consultancy/Technical Back up Services
  • HRD & Training services

Oil Upstream Sector

  • Geological and Geophysical Surveys, Geochemical Studies, Biostratigraphic Analysis
  • Basin Evaluation, Techno Economic Analysis, Prospect Analysis
  • Formation Evaluation, Reservoir Modeling
  • Drilling of Wildcat, Exploratory and Development Wells
  • Open Hole, Cased-hole and Production Logging
  • Design, Erection and Maintenance of Oil & Gas Production Installations
  • Artificial Lift Design and Down-Hole Completion System
  • Repair and Rehabilitation of sick wells
  • Erection and Maintenance of Gas Sweetening Plants
  • Corrosion Studies in Offshore Structures
  • Engineering and Construction of Offshore Platforms and Pipe Lines

Oil Downstream Sector

  • Design/Detailed Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Crude and Product Pipelines and Offshore Piping
  • Commissioning/startup & Operation Services for Refinery Process Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants, Utilities, Effluent treatment, Bio-treaters
  • Maintenance and Inspection Services, including Corrosion protection
  • Environmental Engineering Services
  • Energy Conservation
  • Risk Analysis/Safety Audit

Operation and Maintenance of Refineries

PES can take up Total Facility Management of existing or new refineries or petrochemical plants, practically anywhere in the world.

Process Management Information Systems

PES multidisciplinary team and experienced ERP professionals execute wide range of IT projects in integrated environment. Our expertise include

  • Process Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Engineering graphics
  • Terminal Automation
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Process Equipment Design
  • Management Information
  • Database Applications
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Personnel & Administration
  • Materials Management
  • Project Management
  • Production Planning
  • Maintenance Management
  • 3-D Plant Design Modeling
  • Piping System

Software Services

  • GIS
  • Data Migration and Porting
  • Deputation of Software Experts
  • Outsourcing Offshore and Onshore RDBMS Applications
  • End-user Training
  • System Auditing

Management Consultancy

  • ERP Implementation
  • Project Management
  • ISO / TQM / TPM
  • Expert Systems

Software Consultancy

  • Analysis Design and Development
  • Network Administration
  • Customized Software Development
  • System Configuration, Sizing, H/W & S/W Evaluation and Testing

Software Products Developed & Implemented

  • Integrated Drawings and Documents Suite (IDDS)
  • Human Resources Information System
  • Online Integrated material Management System
  • Terminal Documentation Module
  • Lube Plant Information System
  • Vendor Efficiency Systems
  • Plant Maintenance Management Systems

PES team specializes in providing proven, industry leading, software tools for the refinery, petrochemical and other process industries.

  • Improvement & Optimization of Operations
  • Linear Programming Modeling System
  • Modeling Functionality
  • Refinery Technology Database
  • Crude Assay Management System
  • Scheduling System
  • Advanced Tool for Optimized Gasoline Production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Plant Explorer