Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

BayState InfoTech (BSI) offers a broad range of best in class consulting services for the design of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and the deployment of the corresponding information technologies, architectures and delivery processes for small to mid sized organizations. BSI provides PLM customization and implementation services, process consultancy services and software development for PLM and related applications including interfaces to ERP systems.

BSI PDM / PLM Service offering include

  • Business process mapping and schema design
  • Data modeling, Life cycle and work flow modeling
  • Implementation, customization and multi site distribution
  • Systems, product structure and configuration
  • Upgrade and data migration services for legacy data migration
  • Customer application development
  • CAD / PDM / ERP and portal Integration services
  • Web deployment of PDM / PLM applications
  • Training, maintenance and support services

BSI provides the following services to assist our customers with the selection and implementation of PDM / PLM technology:

  • PLM consulting and application selection
  • PLM development and Integration services
  • PLM training / organization readiness
  • PLM maintenance and support services
  • PLM staffing services
  • BSI PLM methodology
  • BSI PLM expertise

PLM consulting and application selection

Need Analysis & Process Evaluation

BSI analyzes company's current processes, business goals and identifies the PLM solutions, which can meet the unique needs of the company.

PLM Vendor Evaluation

BSI analyzes company's current processes, business goals and provides a comparison of these requirements to the leading PDM/PLM solutions available in the market and recommends the PLM solution, which satisfies the requirements.

Assessment of Present System (AS-IS systems)

BSI assessment of AS-IS system is tailored to analyze the usage of a specified vendor application already installed and in-use at a customer and provide a detailed user scorecard and associated recommendation plan to optimize the use of the product within the company and across the supply chain.

BSI service covers the following at multiple sites focusing on several data points as well as some preliminary off-site analysis, including:

  • Interviews with select users including customer employees as well as supply chain partners.
  • The collection of operational metrics through customer-provided reports and surveys, and analysis of the application database.
  • Findings and recommendations are summarized and proposed systems (TO-BE Systems) are tailored to the specific application. This includes a gap analysis outlining potential business process changes, configuration changes, application upgrade benefits, and other steps to increase utilization and value.

PLM development and Integration services

PLM Application development and implementation

Understanding of business analysis, engineering process and data management requirements, development and implementation services

PDM / PLM Integrations

BSI integrates disparate PDM systems using PDM exchange (PDM STEP, CAD STEP files), Native web clients for PDM systems, and Neutral web clients for disparate PDM systems, PDM data sharing with PDM enablers or XML with PDM specific definitions.

PDM / PLM upgrade services

BSI standardized upgrade service includes the following key items:

  • Gap analysis of existing customizations to the new applications, functionality and leveraging the latest features.
  • Upgrading of the database as required, migration of existing data model to the new architecture and performing all necessary validation routines.
  • Installation and customization of the new versions of application and migration of all existing configuration settings and preferences.
  • If the new version of software has features and functionality that require new types, sets or sources of data, customers can then take advantage of our Data Migration experience and services.

PDM Data migration

  • PDM data include specifications, reports, BOM, engineering and manufacturing change request produced throughout the life of the product
  • Product Information / Legacy data migration to PDM systems, Mapping the data models of PDM systems and capture as much of the production structure and associated / embedded information as possible
  • PDM data migration is done either single phase or multiple phases. In single-phase approach migration is faster, but the product information / intelligence is not captured properly. Multi phase approach (product or project based) takes more time and captures information properly.
  • We adopt knowledge based engineering approach to capture product information and transfer the data from legacy system to the new system. The knowledge database has both old and new PDM systems and process and helps users to have smooth transition

PLM Training / organization readiness

We offer customized training and support to our clients. BSI provides comprehensive training for all its customers that are tailored for the needs of the different users. Our Training Services offered include the following:

  • Work with team to define & document end-user training that is focused on day-to-day tasks.
  • Offer web / CBT / Instructional / Interactive based training with specific examples tailored to end-user functions / processes.
  • Helping to identify program champions and ensuring a consistent message is delivered to the organization / team that drive value & success throughout the company.
  • On-going support for the user community for the life of the project.

PLM Maintenance and support services

BSI supports business systems through the on-going maintenance and support of PLM applications. Our experts in application and database administration perform the management and service functions that extend the application life and optimize both application performance and total cost of ownership. Key benefits of this service approach include:

  • Minimize the need for internal staff that can be allocated to other strategic projects and critical application systems.
  • Managed investment (service-based cost model), provides predictability of costs and optimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • On-site and remote application management & Data Base administration provided only when needed.
  • Value Add Services - small enhancement & report development, release evaluation & planning, program management duties, etc.
  • Provide on-call application problem management & support.
  • Affords access to leading-edge skills and capabilities, hard to find resources, tools and methodologies for PLM applications, interfaces and customized integrated modules.
  • Whether a customer requires significant support, or only a few hours a month, optimized value over the life of the system is the primary goal of BSI service.

PLM staffing services

BSI offers a full range of staffing, project support, and technical services from within our many areas of expertise. We can provide consultants that augment your existing staff throughout the duration of the project and/or transition to permanent employees. Our consultants work as part of your team and ensure that all your company's needs are met. Our technical expertise, combined with our extensive network of resources helps us to provide the qualified individuals who meet your requirements. We can deploy resources at a client's site, off-site, as well as offshore to fit your particular needs.

BSI PLM Methodology

Pre Implementation

  • Strategy consulting and requirement management
  • Needs analysis and technology assessment
  • Business process reengineering and process mapping
  • PLM product evaluation and FIT GAP analysis
  • Architecture and infrastructure assessment and planning


  • Implementation planning and execution
  • System architecture definition and solution development
  • Data Migration, Interoperability and Site Specific Customizations
  • Interface development and integrations with other enterprise systems
  • Change management, workflow, product structure management
  • Visualization, access control, security, data migration and vaulting
  • Production Roll out

Post Implementation

  • Systems administration, training, help desk,
  • Data archiving / recovery, performance tuning, maintenance and enhancements
  • Contingency planning and on-going support

BSI PDM / PLM expertise

  • Business Administration, expertise in business specific applications
  • Needs Analysis, requirement management and technology assessment
  • Business process reengineering and process mapping by experts with domain knowledge
  • Expert team with Industry domain knowledge
  • Customization / implementation and integration expertise
  • Application specific framework, API, SDK and tools
  • Expertise in Agile, eMatrix, ENOVIA, ORACLE PDX, Teamcenter enterprise, Teamcenter engineering, SAP PLM, Windchill and similar applications.

Our team consists of project managers, system administrators, data modelers / architect designer, customization developer, workflow specialist, implementation specialist, configuration specialist, integration specialist and support specialist.